Jinjiang Fuyong Umbrella Co., Ltd. is an umbrella manufacturer with more than 20 yearexperience since 1995. Our factory cover an area of 30,000 square metres with about 400 workers. All our production lnes including umbrella frame, ribs,fabric cutting, sewing, umbrella assembly.


We are specializes in design, production and marketing all kinds of umbrellas, such asumbrella frame, ribs, folding umbrella, straight umbrella, beach umbrella, golfumbrella, Sun umbrella, Garden umbrella, outdoor umbrella, advertising umbrella, children umbrella, Fan umbrella, LED umbrella, upside down revertumbrella and so on.


We have been manufacturing and exporting umbrellas for more than twenty years andhave gained much experience! The products are mainly exported to India,America, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Russia.

Our products include all kinds of umbrellas, such as foldableumbrella, 2, 3, 4, 5-section umbrella, straight umbrellas, golf umbrella, kidcartoon umbrella, beach umbrella, POE/EVA umbrella, parasols, digital printumbrellas, solid maple wood umbrella, sports umbrela, LED light umbrella andspecial umbrellas. And we have a R&D department which is responsible fordesigning and developing new products. Every year we have some novelty productsentering into the market.


Thefactory has a very strict quality control procedure. We have a QC team whichwill check every process from raw material to final packing.


Our factory sticks to the principle of “quality first” and“customer satisfaction first”! We put emphasis on training the employees, including the management and technical personnel. With scientific management system, advanced machinery, technology strength and all staff’s hard working,we are sure that we can provide our customers with good quality products and best service!

Sincerely welcome all customers to visit our factory and build long-term business relationship!

If any question, please feel free to contact our sales team. 

The salesman

+86-595-85502551  Miss Wang

+86-595-85500701  Miss June Liu

+86-595-85500717  Miss Wang

Products division:

+86-595-82225888 Mr.wang

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